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How to create member / resident user account?
Last Updated 5 years ago

There are two way member user account can be created at CHSONE
1. Society admin can create user account for Allottees from society interface
  • Click on left menu for society (With your society short name)
  • Go to Allottees and search for member unit or name
  • Got to edit members details add email / phone if already not there
  • Got bottom of form check the box for create account
2. Member registration
  • Got to and click login
  • At login screen if you do not have an user account then click on "Register here"
  • Search your society / complex if its registered with CHSONE
  • If found click on register else register your complex with CHSONE
  • Fill your complex details and account detail
  • Request society office to approve your access

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